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Nov. 7th, 2005

i dunno bored....

Your Birthdate: January 20

You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride.
Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing.
When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it.
It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious.

Your strength: Your warm heart

Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions

Your power color: Black

Your power symbol: Musical note

Your power month: February

Oct. 22nd, 2005

WOW..Talnet Shows...ford escorts..and fries..lol

Ok so yeah my weekend was pretty crazy! lol

lol..talent show at heid's church SOO much fun! besides the fact that heidi was in EVERY freakin act..it was cool. WHAT THE HELL you have to be 18 to go into Chuck-e-cheese thats the LAST time i EVER visit that stupid RAT! lol..so after we decided to ditch the rat we went to little cesar's for pizza and bread stix! yummy..went to heidis church and hung out in the parking lot like BUMS!! then we decide.."hey lets go to 7-11" lol..it started of with me, robert, heidi, beat rice, and yami..all in YAMIS tiny CAR! ok so thats five peeps up in there...and then as we get near 7-11 and we are rockin out ot "one way or another im gonna find you im gonna get ya get ya: gloria is on the corner waiting for us so she joins us in the 7-11 and guess how many people we fit.....SIX!! yes all SIX of us were in yami's TINY car that was fun...FYI NEVER let beatriz drive your car ...she tends to belive that closing your eyes and driving is safe! !!!..

Ok so peeps start arrvig to the show and yeah met ppl from heidis church ..lol..TENSION! lol...it ALL i got to say..man the best act was DIANA AND HEIDI! that was so hilarious! lol...heidi and i managed to pull of a song and it sounded good lol!! our performance was cool..i liked it i had fun with it! lol...even though lord knows how heidi and i ended up on the worng side lol..but ANYWAYS people liked it i think!??! lol..but yeah I was sooo TIRED but coolio...

ACT's...grr..so i wake up kinda late rush out pick up beat rice go to csun and meet up with victor..testing yikes i HATE it but anyways..got out of there went to the best and coolest place in the world MC'Ds!! lol...ok yeah Beatriz is the OFFICIAL HUMAN FOOD COMPACTOR! wow this ting girl can EAT! lol...so heres how the list of food started...

big mac combo
fruit parfait small
10 pc chicken nuggets

bic mac combo
lrg fruit parfait
ice cream cone

we eat...then beatriz is like "im still hungry.." so i say i challenge you...so she says yes so here is the addition to the list

lrg fruit parfait
apple pie

10 pc chicken nuggets
apple pie

we wanted toe ven it out so we went for it..we are talking to victor snachez on the phone..and beatrice seems FINE eating the food she got ..i start off fine with the chicken nuggets but by the time i get to #6..yeah my face got VERY VERY sad...lol...beatrice is like are you ok...helen do you give up..come on say it i give up...
so when i finish chicken nugget #8 i say I GIVE Up...so what happens yeah beatriz picks up the rest..and guess what she says "im stilll hungry"

med order of fries

yeah this girl can EAT! and yeah never try to mess with her fires she tends to be over protective of them! lol......Silly helen FRIES are for beatriz
keep in mind that i still have my apple pie which beatriz was looking at and saying you gonna eat that....SILLY beatriz pies are for HELEN! lol

wow we spent 1.5 hours at the golden arches...geeze never been there for so long lol...but yeah my saturday and friday were fun! hehe and tomorrow wow lets see what happens lol...PEACE

Sep. 9th, 2005

WOW...first football game! hehe

Yes yes today was the first game of the season. Canoga lost no surprise but yeah our performance at half time and pre game pretty much sucked! lol..but what was fun was the last half of the game.

So Beatriz and i went to go salute with the other team since they pretty much didnt have much of band so yeah. Stupid dancers met at the other side of the track while we were at the other end. So after walking a WHOLE freakin lap we meet. WOW is all i can say NEVER have ai seen so much spaztic moves in like a period of 10min which is the length of time the whole ROTUINE lasted beofre they said they were done. Exchanged the candy then went on our marry little way only because we were getting scared and i was trying so hard not to luagh at the other spaz team. lol

So 4th quarter starts and hehe this is when all the fun starts. HEHE....we sing Happy Birthday to Robert..haha loved the look on his face...then stand songs got a little more fun this year! hehe. We all as in the WHOLE team started to say "lets go Hunters!" that was the first time we pissed off strauss. Then we start singing "MIGHTY MIGHTY HUNTERS" haha it was only us the the crowd joined us then band and the the cheer dorks MAN was that FUN! woohoo. There was also a long sequence of cadances and that was fun because we all just let loose. Wow pissed off strauss 3x in ONE NIGHT IN ONE QUARTER! lol..well im off to bed yes yes had so much fun. football games are officially the best part of the season.

Sep. 3rd, 2005

wow its ALL over!

hehe yes its almost over...summer is gone and school has now begun! woo hoo i can rhyme. lol...

these past two weeks have been so much fun. BAND CAMP! yes its has been a blast hanging out with the peeps and really just getting closer and have ing LOTS of lughs....

huricane Heidi....Wheres Carl's Jr....."anal ppl in the world really suck....." ..........heidi asking for money in a cup....hehehe those of you that were there know what i am talking about. hehe...

Ok so im getting ready for my FINAL year a Canoga High wow..never thought i would say those words its amazig how quickly my past 3 years at canoga have past by so quickly..so many memories...DRAMA...and of course FRIENDS. cant belive it though butyeah well thats life.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND! yes yes monday im having ppl over to watch movies and pig out before school starts and we have to settle down into reality. hehe...yea so have a great weekend everyone and PEACE!~

Aug. 15th, 2005

wow...summer blues and ups

OK so i havent updated in awhile and its becuase alot of things have happned in my life that really affected me like no other. all i gotta say is that life is short and for those of you who believe in GOD always be ready to go with Him...

heres my week in a recap...


in the morning part of this day i went to Verdugo to pick up three of my friends because there mom was out of town and for the last part of the week i was picking them up. So i went in my moms car only because later that day i was going tot he Dodger game with Heidi and friends so i was getting a ride form them. Point is i was driving my moms car. I was at a stop sign about to merge into the main road when i was rear ended by a car. SCARY my hands were shaking and my goodness crazy thoughts ran through my head. THANK GOD everything worked out fine i was just shaken up. So in my 6 months of driving i got into my first accident. WOW...so later that day i was dropped off at Heidis house where we waited for alex (monroe) to pick up. ALL i got to say is that his car was worse than a broken car. To add it up windos wouldnt roll down and others would just say down and also parts of the car were just falling out AND the Gas meter didnt even WORK! so yeah..but it was fun untill we had to pick up Alex (school) and Johnnie and lets just say Heidi rode shot gun and alex, johnnie and i had to squish ourselves into the back! UNESSARY CLOSENESS! (sp?) yeah we went to pat n oscars! good food..and TIP: NEVER LET ALEX BUDDY UP WITH YOU TO EAT HE DOESNT PAY FOR SQWUAT!! so we scored ourselves free beach balls and monroe alex went back and got even more to toss around at the game. We get to the game LATE only to learn that Alex Alex and Johnnie cant follow directions! lol...yeah so are seats were the nose bleed ones and we did more excercise than we had all done in our lives just climbing the stairs. The game was fun and the ride back was too...ohh i have some words by wise men

Alex (monroe) "Do you have Myspace?"  Chick "YEah everybody does" ..ways to pick up a girl at a Dodger game! lol...


I went to qunice i was in..to sum it up it was boring and it was hot. And the dress i had to wear wasnt helping at all. So yeah


I went to church with my family like any normal sunday. During the time when everybody was singing i stepped out to get some air when i saw my brother huddled with som of our friends. I see by older brothers wife and i ask what wrong. She tells me that my Brother Oscar best friend was killed. It hurt so much because he was also my friend and someone who was never mad and always made you laugh. By far this was the worst day of all my summer only becuse i had never had anyone so close pass away. My other friend from church was with my bro's friend and he was hit and flung across the freeway. They were on their way back from a chruch service in San Diego. Thank God that he only broke his left leg and that now he can testify that God was with him the whole way.His being alivew is really a miracle of God. It just means God is not done with his pan with him yeat. Something like this has never happned to me.I questioned God's plan even though i already know that his plan to take my friend at the age of 23 was part of a bigger and better plan. Its hard to accept that it is better for my friend to be gone but yet thats the reality of it all. Its been a tough 2 weeks dealing with this because trying to accept that even though you dont see a loved one because they believed in God and had given their life to Him he is up in Heaven better off than we will EVER be. I guess what i am trying to say is that in my heart i know i will see him again when God decideds its time for me to go.

His memorial service on 8/4 proved to me how many lives my friend had touched and just how much we and his family loved him. 8/5 was his funeral. I guess thats when it really hit me that he was gone becuase it was the time that i really saw that he was gone and was being burried under the dirt. No words can really describe just what typoe of wonderful person he was. all i can really say is that he really was someone you couldnt help but love.


"Heaven Sent the Sweetest Thing" these are words that i really believe in my heart because he rerally was an amazing person who always had a simle for you.

for those who understand spanish "Porque el vivir es Cristo y el morir Ganancia"

The Bible says this and it is so true...but i guess we all tend to be selfish and want those who you love to be with you forever. But the sum of this entry is just to tell you life is short get your stuff straight with God and if you dont know him yet accept Him into your life.


  A. Rod.    2/4/82 - 7/31/05

                                              "The sweetest thing Heaven Sent"

Jul. 17th, 2005


well yeah so im back from orlando..it was pretty cool..only that it was really HOT! its so danr humid its hard to breath! none the less though i had fun! well yeah i got a new phone but since the last time i swicthed the phone i left my #s in it and the stupid idiot guy who got it as his phone ERASED ALL of my numbers! arr so darn mad..well anyways..how is everyones summer? anything iteresting? i feel soo weird not going to summer school! i kinda wish i did but im not sure..lol seems like EVERYONE is there the ONE year i decide not to go! lol..how funny! got my AP scores in the mail..yeah they werent pretty i was ashamed of myself but oh well what can i do! life is hard! lol..yeah.

watched dark water when i was in orlando guess what $8.00 for TWO people HOW FREAKIN CHEAP! and it was close to that hour where theater like to rip you off for the ticket
! lol..yeah i was like WOW $4.00 for ONE person pretty damn cool. Also, even freakier was that me and my bro's wife were the ONLY ones watching that movie! it was EMPTY! kinda freaky but oh well ! thats it anyone! well ifg you wanna hang out cuz you are BORED out of your mind give me call ...

Jun. 24th, 2005


Well yes yes school is over ..."im free at last, im free at last, thank God Almighty Im free at last" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. better said it! lol...yeah scool is over and i am ready for summer!

Graduation was last night. It was so much fun..::tear tear:: im seeing all my good buddies leave...but yeah ther are band geeks so they WILL be back!
"You can take the band out of band geek but you cant take the band out of A band geek!"-Helen...

lol...it was nice seeing everyone but it only made me realize that next year it is my turn to walk that stage! IM scared and happy all at once! but yeah..il take things one step at a time.
I went out with Heidi and Alex after ...ate some really yummy food..and yeah

today stuck around home cleaning my room and oraganizing things. Wanted to go out bu that was a no go so yeah...well thats it...hopefull im off to the beach next saturday..

Jun. 21st, 2005



Jun. 19th, 2005


Yes yes so yesterday i went out the WHOLE day wow...

went to the key club event but first i stopped by and picked up gloria. Yeah we get tehre and we play the human chain and the "hugging game" that was fun. Then they go and do sport things so gloria and i go to the swings then Shinobu and Victor follow. Shinobu leaves so it just victor, gloria and i...yeah that fun we talked for like 2 HOURS!!! hehe..serioulsy! i found out new things and stuff so yeah! lol...then 3:00 rolled around so it was time for me to go get ready to go to dinner with friends....

yes so i get all pretty i wear a dress and black heels...i pick up heidi, heather and jose. then im on my way to pick up beatriz cuz yami want gonna be able to cuz yami had no way of getting anywhere herself so i was the ride for everyone..but turns out beatriz was gonna get her own ride...so we head of to target to pick up yami from work! A WHOLE other adventure...we are outside and my remote for the alarm dosent want to work so yami says" lets go in and we will get a new battery" so we go back and while waiting we find Rick! LIFESAVER! yeah they didnt have the battery but he went out with us and we finally got the alram to work and yeah we were on our way. He even had offered to drive to get a battery somewhere else! wow! good friend! I LOVE HIM! lol..downside beatriz calls fight with her mom so she cant go! so yea we all head to Cheescake! we get there and WHAT! ALEX dressed CASUAL while all of us were FORMAL! yeah we got SOOO mad...'

So we get our table and man our WAITER VINCE! HOTTIE! smokin! so HOT! yeah heather yami and i were all laughing and giggling...yeah he noticed that ...he was really flirting with yami though..but yeah he was so hot ....
Dinner was fun we laughed so much and oohhh more WISE words by JOSE! "Where did they get the bread?" ...."What is that?"..."So does that mean alot of strwberries?" lol..so much fun! i felt bad for heather cuz we kept clowing on her...cuz like yeah...Dinner was alot of fun ALEX made a FOOL of himslef cuz like we were talking about why mexico is so large and i said cuz women reproduce like rabbits and he says" cuz we know how to get it on!" he said this with FULL motions right as our hot waiter VINCE passed right next to him! lol...i couldnt stop laughing like crazy! ...overall the night turned out to be alot of fun!

got home and then went to rent some movies..made the cake for father's day...saw WHITE NOISE! freaky movie! ...lol

got up and went to church ...that was nice we made lunch for all the dad's and the we played softball. ....youth v. dads...that was fun...we let them win only because it was their day but really we won! lol..but yeah it was fun! nd that was it...hehe...good weekend i say!

all i gotta say GOOD LUCK on finals! memer..it just PAPER! lol..yeah...4 DAYS LEFT! aaaaa...lol

Jun. 14th, 2005



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